Grandi 101 – –

“Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only Place You Have To Live“

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Metcon (No Measure)

In Teams Of Two – Change Reps as you want.

AMRAP for 30 minutes:

Buy In: 100 DU/ 200SU

Then 2 Rounds Of:

40 Power Clean @ca. 50/35kg

40 Partner SitUps with Medicine ball @ca. 9/6kg

40 S2OH @ca. 50/35kg

40 Lateral Sprawls over Bar

Buy In: 100 DU/200SU

Then 2 Rounds Of:

40 Deadlift @ca.50/35kg

40 PullUps (Kipping, semi kipping, strict, ring row)

40 Hang Squat Clean @ca. 50/35kg

40 HandStandPushUps (Box/Weightplate HSPU)

*Goal is to move well with medium weight.


Metcon (No Measure)

Tabata – 20sec ON/10sec OFF * 8

First two rounds everybody on the floor with one KB each

1. KB Swing vs American Swing

2. Goblet Squat vs Thrusters(with 1× KB)

Then we split up into 4 groups

3. Row (20 sec med to fast – 10 sec slow)

4. Jump Rope(20 sec SU next 20 sec DU)

5. Bike (Same as on Rower)

6. Side To Side Sprints

7. Final round everybody on the floor for Core finisher with Coach