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“Wake up with determination.
Go to bed with satisfaction“

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Metcon (No Measure)

Partner Workout!

For Time, Split Reps as You Like:

42-30-18 Reps of:

STOH (43/30 kg)

Dbl. DB Deadlift (2 x 22/14 kg)

1000m Row

30-24-18 Reps of:

STOH (50/35 kg)

Russian KB Swings (32/24 kg)

600m Run (Together) or 2000m Bike

24-18-12 Reps of:

STOH (60/43 kg)

Dbl. DB Squats (2 x 22/14 kg)

60 Bar Facing Burpees

Time Cap: 31 Min


Metcon (No Measure)

A. Tabata – 20 sec ON : 10 sec OFF x 8 sets @Your Best Technical Effort

A1.Forward & Reverse Lunges (w. KB in Goblet hold)

A2. KB Hang Snatch to Push Press

A3. Horse Stance Hold vs. Ring/TRX Row

A4. Single Leg Russian Leg Lifts (Toe Taps) vs. Heel Taps

A5. DBL KB High Knee raises w. one KB in Front Rack & one in OH

A6. Drop Squats (from Plate) vs. Ground2Overhead w. Plate

A7. AtlasBall 2 Shoulder

A8. Row