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Metcon (No Measure)

A. Alt EMOM x 8 min

A1. 5 Deadlift @ca. 70-75% 1RM Perfect form, No TNG

A2. 8-10/8-10 DB Row against support; AHAFA

B. Intervals, 2 min on : 2 min off x 6 sets:

20/15 Cal Row (lower the cal if you have to)

10 Alt DB Snatch @ ca. 22/14kg

5/5 Single arm OH Squat (Front Squat) @same weight

Remaining time: Balance Burpee to 5kg plate


Metcon (No Measure)

In Teams Of 2 – Split Reps at Will and Finish:

4 Rounds of: (using 2x Heavy KB’s)

20 Dbl KB Deadlift

20 Push Ups on KB’s

20 V-Ups/Tuck Ups

3 Rounds of: (using 2x Light KB’s)

30 Dbl KB Sumo Deadlift

30 Dbl KB Shoulder to Overhead

30 Free Bird

2 Rounds of: (using 1x Med weight KB)

40 Goblet Squat

40 KB Snatch

40 Crunch Grip Bent Over Row

1 Round of:

50 Partner Sit Ups

50 Air Squats

5 Rope Climbs

Time Cap 30 min


Metcon (No Measure)

A. E2,5M x 4 Sets; AHAFA

1st set: 8 Back Squats + 4 Explosive Box Jumps

2nd set: 6 Back Squats + 6 Explosive Box Jumps

3rd set: 4 Back Squats + 8 Explosive Box Jumps

4th set: 2 Back Squats + 10 Explosive Box Jumps

B. E2,5M x 3 Sets; AHAFA

8/8 Split Squats w. 2xDB/KB hanging on each side +

8-10 DBL DB/KB Z-Presses (sit on a bench or a box)

C. ALT. EMOM x 9 min; AHAFA

C1. 10-14 Box Steps Over

C2. 5/5 Banded Side Steps + 5 Banded Squats (if you want to make it harder have KB in Goblet Hold)

C3. 16-26 Strict mountain climbers (the slower the better)