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Metcon (No Measure)

A. 1 Clean & Jerk (anyhow) (ca. 17 min) @YBTE

A1. E15s x 10 sets @50% (2,5min)

1min rest

A2. E20s x 8 sets @60% (2,6 min)

1min rest

A3. E30s x 6 sets @70% (3 min)

1min rest

A4. E45s x 4 sets @80% (3 min)

1min rest

A5. E60s x 2 sets @90% (2 min)

B. Alt EMOM x 14 min @YBTE

B1. 5-7 TNG Power Clean + 5-7 Push Jerk @ca. 40% 1RM.

B2. 8-12 Toes2Bar


Metcon (No Measure)

A. 12 min to work your way up to Single Arm 1RM Push Press

Compare differences between the right and the left side and use the knowledge you gain to work on the imbalance (if there is any) for the next few weeks.

B. 4x25sec, 12sec rest between rounds, 1 min rest between stations

1. Dbl KB Clean

2. Straigt Legged Target Sprawls

3. Wall Balls

4. Side Sprints

5. Back Extensions

6. Tuck-Ups


Metcon (No Measure)

A. E2,5M x 4 Sets; AHAFA:

5 Bench Press

8-10/8-10 Single hand bent over DB/KB Row (against support)

B. E2,5M x 4 sets; AHAFA:

6-10 Strict Dips (from racks or boxes)

6-8/6-8 SeeSaw Presses

20-30 Bicycle Crunches

C. Alt. EMOM x 9 min; AHAFA

C1. 8-14 PushUps (keep your hands close to your body)

C2. 15-20 Bicep Curls w. bar

C3. 12- 16 KB Romanian Deadlift