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Metcon (No Measure)

A. ALt. EMOM x 30 min @YBTE

A1) 6-10 Toes2Bar + 3-5 Sprawls

A2) 30-40 sec Jump Rope Anyhow (Practice DU)

A3) 6-8/6-8 Forward Lunges; AHAFA

A4) 20-30 sec Handstand Walk around a Box (Handstand Walk if you can)

A5) 6-8 AtlasBall over Shoulder; AHAFA


Metcon (No Measure)

Alt. 1 min ON, 30sec OFF (5 times each)

1. Push-Ups (focus on good form)

2. AirBike

3. Row on rower

4. KB Swing

You may expect DOMS (harðsperrur), in your triceps especially, the day after and probably the day after that


Metcon (No Measure)

A. E2,5M x 4 Sets:

6 Back Squat; AHAFA

6-8 Explosive Box Jumps with Powerlanding on box

B. E2,5M x 4 Sets:

4-6/4-6 Reverse Lunges w. Bar; AHAFA

30-40 Sec V-up Hold

C) Alt. Emom x 9 min:

C1) 15/15 Banded Side Steps

C2) 10-14 Goblet Squat (with one or two Kettlebells in FR) @tempo 2020

C3) 5-7/5-7 Windmills w. light KB