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„Think Happy, Be Happy“

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Metcon (No Measure)

A, For time In Teams of Two. Split the reps like you want:

60/45 Cal Row

40-30-20 reps of:

Hang Power Clean (60/40)

Toes To Bar

Box Jumps

60/45 Cal Row

40-30-20 reps of:

Shoulder To Overhead (same bar)

Pullups (anyhow) / RingRow

Lateral Burpees Over Bar / Sprawls over bar

Into max rounds: I Go, You Go.

(Finish one whole round and then switch)

8/6 Cal Row

4 Thrusters (AHAFA)

20 Double Unders / 40 Single Unders

Time Cap: 32 minutes


Metcon (No Measure)

A. Tabata – 20 sec ON : 10 sec OFF x 8

*rest 1 min between

A1. Kb HangClean (L/R)

A2. Kb Shoulder to Overhead (L/R)

A3. Russian Swing vs. Romanian Deadlift

A4. Curtsy Squats (with weight) vs Air Squats (Goblet Squats)

A5. Strict Mountain Climbers vs. Heel Taps

A6. Kb Thrusters (L(R)

A7. Bike (20 sec fast/10 sec slow)

A8. Burpees/ Sprawls