Grandi 101 – –

“Your biggest challenge is to show up when your mind is making the best excuses“

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Metcon (No Measure)

Team Wod

1 Bike and 1 Rower for each team (always on)

4 Rounds:

20 Dbl. DB Devils Press (split reps)

16 Dbl. KB Push Press (each)

12 Syncro Box Step Ups (with weight optional)

4 Rounds:

20 Dbl. DB Thrusters (split reps)

16 Dbl. KB Deadlift (each)

12 Syncro Medball Situps

4 Rounds:

20 Dbl. DB Clean & Jerk (split reps)

16 Dbl. KB Squats (each)

12 Syncro Burpees

Time Cap: 34 minutes

* Format and the twist explained in the class 🙂


Metcon (No Measure)

A. Tabata 20 on 10 off x 8, 1 min rest between rounds @Your Best Technical Effor

1. G2OH w. Plate vs. Plate Jumps

2. Curtsy Squats vs.90’squat hold (with weight optional)

3. Jump Rope (anyhow)

4. High Knee Raises with Atlas Ball in Front Rack vs. Drop Squats

5. Heel Taps vs. Back extensions

6. Alt. Forward Lunges (with Plate Overhead optional)

7. Atlas Ball Over Shoulder

8. Balance Burpees to Plate