Grandi 101 – –

Hann elsku Ali á afmæli í dag og af því tilefni verður afmælisæfing í Hreystinu!
Til hamingju með afmælið Ali 🙂

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Metcon (No Measure)

38 min Birthday Partners Workout!

AMRAP 20 Min

(Partners Split Reps as They Like)

38 Cal Bike

38 Hang Power Clean

38 Wall Balls

38 S2OH

38 C2B/PullUps Anyhow

38 Thrusters

38 Burpee over Bar

Rest 4 Min then AMRAP up to 38 Min

(Partners CHange After Each Movement)

9 Front Squats

7 Clean&Jerks

19 Double Unders/38 Single Unders

8 Cal Bike

4 Clusters


Metcon (No Measure)

Alt. Tabata – 20 sec ON : 10 sec OFF x 6 sets @YBTE

A1. Hike Swings

A2. Alt. Reverse Lunges (with Front Foot Elevated on Plates (with weight in front rack if you can)

A3. Ski Erg

A4. Ring Rows/Strict Pullups/Pull Downs vs. Sprawls

A5. Battle Ropes

A6. Side Plank w. leg lift hold (L/R)

AMRAP x 8 min (everyone together)

10 Russian Swings

8 Goblet Squats

6/6 Plank with KB Pull Through

4 Burpees

20 ToeTouches vs. Heel Taps (swith after each round)