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Metcon (No Measure)

A. E2,5M x 4 sets

5 Back Squat (low or high) @ca. 75-80% 1RM

B. Intervals, 1 min on : 1 min off x 4 sets @high effort

10 Unbroken Thrusters @ca. 43/30kg

10 Pull-ups (anyhow)

Remaining time: Double-unders/Single-unders

C. 3 Rounds of :

30 Banded tricep push downs

30 Banded bicep curls

*Time cap: 8 min


Metcon (No Measure)

A. Alt L/R E90sek x8

10 Single arm DB Snatch to 10 single arm DB thursters

B. Alt EMOM 12

8 Single arm DB Offset Push up to Row

8 Single arm DB Offset Push up to Row

30sek weighted (holding DB) Hollow hold Flutter kicks

C. Alt L/R EMOM 10

8 Reverse lunges from a plate with single racked KB


Metcon (No Measure)

A. You have 12 min to work your way up to 1RM Back Squat

B. E3M x 3 sets ;AHAFA

8/8 Bulgarian Split Squat +

10 Floor Press

C. Alt EMOM x 9 min

C1. 30 sec Plank

C2. 30 sec Wall Sit

C3. 10/10 Side Bends ;AHAFA