Grandi 101 – CrossFit GrandaFit


Metcon (Weight)

A. You have 12 min to work you way

up to 1RM Back Squat

– Do your best and focus on your depth –

B. AMRAP 16 min – In teams of two @you best technical effort

– Change the reps up like you want but try braking them evenly –

40 Thrusters @20/15kg

20 Strict Chin-ups

40 Russian KB swings @ca. 32/24kg

20 Strict Toes to bar


Metcon (No Measure)

6×4 min AMRAP.

Goal is to complete at least 4 rounds on each station. If you can do more, you of course do more 🙂 90sec rest between stations.

1. 10x Swing (heavy) and 20x Back extensions

2. 5/5x KB Snatch (medium weight) and 5 Strict Pull ups (scale as needed)

3. 15x SDHP and 10x Squat jumps

4. 10-12 Cal Row and 15 sec rest

5. 1x Rope climb and 10x Strict burpees

6. 30 DU / 60 SU and 10x Slam balls


Metcon (No Measure)

Main focus:

Shoulders and Back