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Metcon (No Measure)

Partner Workout For Time, Switch as Needed.

7500/6750/6000m Row

Partner A Rows While Partner B Does an AMRAP of:

4 HSPU (anyhow)

8 Box Jump Overs

12 Alt. DB Snatch

24 DU/36 SU

*Every 1250/1125/1000m Both Partners do (For a Total of 6 Rounds):

4 Synchro Alt. Devils Press

Time Cap: 33 Min


Metcon (No Measure)

„Tabata – 20sec ON/10sec OFF * 8

1. Split Squats (with db in front rack) (L/R)

2. Box Step Ups (L(R) (with weight optional)

3. Single Arm Dumbell Row aginst support (L/R)

4. Heel Taps vs. Back extensions

5. Alt. Curtsy Squats vs. 90 degree Squat Hold

6. Hang Dumbell Clean and Push Press (L/R)

All Together: Amrap 8 minutes:

150m Run or 300m Bike + 4 Atlas Ball Over Shoulder + 6 Burpee Box Jumps/Sprawls to Box Jumps / Step Ups „