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Metcon (No Measure)

A. E90s x 5 sets

1 Strict Press ;AHAFA + 2-3 Push Press + 1 Jerk (anyhow)

B. 3 Rounds for time @your best technical effort

50 Air squats

10 CTB/ Pull ups/ Ring rows

10 Hang Power Cleans @ca. 50-60% 1RM Clean

Time Cap: 12 min

C. The Don Press


Metcon (No Measure)

A. E2.5M x 4 Sets

Dbl KB Lgt to Med weight

10 Clean

10 Alt. FR Lunges

10 Push Jerk

B. E3M x 5 Sets

6-10 Dbl DB Bench Press

6-10 Dbl DB Bent Over Row

6-10 Pull Ups

C. 10,9,8,7… all the way down to 1 Reps Of (1x med ball)

L-Sit Up (with Ball in hands)

Hollow Rock (with Ball btw legs)

Aquaman x 2

Time cap 7 min


Metcon (No Measure)

A. E3M x 3 sets

8 Box Squat ;AHAFA – no fail!

B. E3M x 3 sets ;AHAFA

8/8 High bar Bulgarian Split Squat + 12-15 DB Bench Press

C. 9 min Work @your own tempo

30/30 sec Side Plank

10/10 reps DB/KB Side Bends

20-30 sec V-up Hold

10 Cuban rotation