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Metcon (No Measure)

A. Alt. EMOM x 9 min @Your best technical effort:

A1. 6-10 Strict PullUps/Ring Row

A2. 6-10 Strict HSPU Anyhow

A3. 6- 10 Toes2Bar (work on your beat swings)

B. Alt EMOM x 16 min @your best technical effort:

A1. 12-16/8-12 Cal Row

A2. 8-14 Balance Burpee to 5kg plate

A3. 12-16/8-12 Cal AirBike

A4. 15-20 Thrusters (barbell only)


Metcon (No Measure)

In teams of three, 40 Min AMRAP

60 Swing

60 Mountain Climbers, Op. Knee to Op. Elbow

40 Air Squats

40 DU/80 SU

20 Sprawl

20 G2OH

Each team will Row the entire time, take turns and make sure the rower doesn’t stop!


Metcon (No Measure)

A. E3M x 4 sets:

5 Strict Press @ca. 70-75% 1RM + 8/8 Single Arm DB Row ;AHAFA + 5 Down Dog ToeTouches

B. EMOM x 16 min:

B1. 8-10 DB Hammer Curls; AHAFA

B2. 8-12 Cuban Rotation (w. light weightplate/DB)

B3. 5-7 Strict PullUps; AHAFA

B4. 30-40 Sec V-up Hold