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Metcon (No Measure)

A. E3M x 4 sets

6-8 Deadlift @ca. 60% 1RM

10/10 SlamBall side throw to wall

Max sec Chin over bar hold (scale down to Ring to chest hold)

B. For time @your best technical effort

30 Alt DB Snatch @medium weight

30 Burpee box Jumps overs

150m Run

20 Alt DB Snatch

20 Burpee box Jumps overs

300m Run

10 Alt DB Snatch

10 Burpee box Jumps overs

450m Run

*Time Cap: 14 min


Metcon (No Measure)

A. Alt Intervals, 90 sec on : 30 sec off x 6 sets each (24 min)

A1. 12 American KB Swings (@medium heavy) + 14 Jumping Lunges + Remaining time: Row / AirBike

A2. 12 Russian Leg lifts (w. hands on KB) + 10-14 Goblet Squat (same weight as in Russian swings) + Remaining time: Row / AirBike


Metcon (No Measure)

A. E90s x 6 sets

3-4 Pause Back Squats @70-75% of 1RM

(3 sec Pause in Bottom Position)

B. E3M x 3 Sets

6/6 Barbell Front Rack Reverse Lunges @AHAFA + 20-30 Sec Strict Hanging Knee Raises / Dead Hang + 10-15 Banded Zeus Row @Medium to Heavy Band

C. Alt. E2M x 6 Sets (3 Sets of Each)

C1. 5-7/5-7 Single Leg RDL + 15-20 Frog Pumps (Do Weighted If You Can)

C2. 5-7/5-7 Box Pistols w. Non Working Foot Sliding Behind Box + 15-20 Heels Elevated Prisoner Squats