Grandi 101 – –

“The Toughest Lift of all,
is your ass off the couch“ 馃槈

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Metcon (No Measure)

A. In 14 minutes finish 4-5 Rounds for Quality of:

4-6/4-6 Pistols (Box Pistols)

4-8 Strict PullUps (Ring Row)

6-10 Strict Dips

B. 2 Rounds For Time @Your Best Technical Effort:

16 DBL KB Deadlift (ca. 32/24kg)

16 Box Jumps Overs

32 Double Unders/46 Single Unders

10 PullUps (Anyhow)

16 Russian KB Swings (ca.24/16kg)

16 DB Box Step Ups (ca. 22/16kg)

32 Double Unders/46 Single Unders

10 PullUps (Anyhow)

16 KB Goblet Squats (ca. 32/24kg)

16 Alt. DB Snatch (ca. 22/16kg)

32 Double Unders/64 Single Unders

10 PullUps (Anyhow)

Time Cap: 13 minutes


Metcon (No Measure)

A. For time:@ YBTE

Buy In: 2500/2000 m Bike

Into 5 Rounds of:

8/8 DB Hang Power Clean

3 Burpees/Sprawls

6/6 Dumbell Shoulder to Overhead

3 Burpees/Sprawls

4/4 Dumbell Hang Clusters

3 Burpees/Sprawls

1000/800 m Bike

Into 3 Rounds of:

16 Alt. Dumbell Snatch

8-10 Ring Row/ PullUps (anyhow)

Buy Out: 2500/2000 m Bike

Time Cap: 30 min

B. Teygjur:

D煤fan – 2 m铆n 谩 hvora hli冒

Axlateygja (spor冒dreki) 2 m铆n 谩 hvora hli冒