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Í dag er akkúrat ein vika í ÁRSHÁTÍÐ 🙂

Mundu að tryggja þér miða í afgreiðslunni!

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Metcon (No Measure)

For time, In teams of two:

200 WallBalls over bar 9/6kg – Every time you rest, loose the ball or the ball touches the bar, perform 3 synchro burpees

100 Power Snatch @ca. 40/30kg

50 Supinated One Ring Ring Row

200 Sprawls

100 OHS @ca. 40/30kg (do FS or BS instead of OHS if you need to)

50 Supinated One Ring Ring Row

AMCAP Bike Erg up to 30 min

* Change reps like you want. Weight in PS & OHS should be rather light


Metcon (No Measure)

Tabata – 20sec ON/10sec OFF * 8

1. Hike Swing vs. American Swing

2. Target burpees vs. Banded Bicep Curls

3. Handstand Hold vs. Arch Hold

4. KB Row L/R

5. Alt. DB Snatch vs. Horse Stance

6. Atlas Ball over Shoulder vs. Rest

7. Hollow Hold vs. Heel Taps

8. Dbl. DB Box Step Ups vs. Push Ups