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“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine“

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Metcon (No Measure)

A. Alt. EMOM x 10 Min @YBTE

A1. 3-5 Wall Walks with 2 sek pause at top

A2. 5-7/5-7 Box Pistols (Pistols)

B. AMRAP x 8 min @YBTE

12/9 Cal Bike


8 Toes To Bar

C. AMRAP x 6 min @YBTE

Ascending Ladder: 2-4-6-8- ….

Dumbell Hang Snatch (L/R)

Goblet Squats (w. DB)

Lateral Burpees over DB

* Rest 2 min between A, B & C.


Metcon (No Measure)

A. Alt. EMOM x 12 min (AHAFA)

A1. 8-10 DBL DB Bench Press

A2. 10-15 Drop Squats + 15 sec 90* squat hold

A3. 12-16 Romanian Deadlift

A4. 4-5/4-5 KB GetUp SitUp

B. For time @YBTE:

10-9-8-…-1 of:

KB Clean & Shoulder2Overhead (L/R)

Alt. Reverse Lunges (x2) (with KB in front rack optional)

Lateral Burpees/Sprawls over KB

*20 DU /40 SU between Rounds

Time Cap: 14 min


Metcon (No Measure)

A. E2M x 5 Sets

4 Pause Deadlifts @65-70% of 1RM (2-3 Sec Pause Right Below Knees)

8/8 Single Arm DB. Overhead Tricep Extension

B. Alt. EMOM x 8 Min (AHAFA)

B1. 6 Heavy Barbell Romanian Deadlifts

B2. 12 Double KB. Hang Snatch

C. AMRAP x 10 Min (Focus on Quality)

8/8 Bottoms Up KB. Z-Press

20-30 Sec Banded Side Steps

8 Explosive Russian KB. Swings

20-30 Banded Tricep Pushdown