Grandi 101 – –

“Every accomplishment start with the decision to try“

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Metcon (No Measure)

A. In 13 Minutes Finish 4-5 Rounds of:

4 Back Squats @ca. 80% of 1RM

6 High Box Jumps

8 Lu Raises @Light Plates

B. E3.5M x 4 Sets @80% Intensity

10 Alt. Front Rack Reverse Lunges (60/43 kg)

14 Box Jumps

18 American KB Swings (24/16 kg)

*If You Finish Under 90 Sec Increase the Weights on Either the Reverse Lunges and/or the KB Swings. If You Finish Over 2.5M then You Need to Lower the Weights.


Metcon (No Measure)

A. EMOM x 30 min; AHAFA

A1.8-10 DB Bench Press

A2.40 Sec Ski- Erg

A3. 10-20 Wall Balls

A4. 4-6/4-6 KB Clean to Forward Lunges

A5. 20-30 Sec Battle Ropes (fast)

A6. 150m Run/300m Bike