Grandi 101 – –

„Replace the words, if only, with, I WILL“

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Metcon (No Measure)

A. EMOM x 10 min @Your Best Technical Effort.

1-2 Clean&Jerk (Anyhow) Build across

*Focus on keeping the bar close and make every lift perfect.

B. EMOM x 20 min @ca. 40-45% 1RM Power Clean:

Min 1-5:

6-8 TNG Power Clean

Min 6-10:

4-6 TNG Power Clean&Jerk

Min 11-15:

3-5TNG Power Clean&Jerk +

3-5 Front Squats

Min 16-20:

2-4 TNG Power Clean&Jerk +

2-4 Front Squats +

2-4 Deadlifts

*Focus on good teqhnique in every lift. Remember – SMOOTH IS FAST!


Metcon (No Measure)

A. E2,5M x 4 sets; AHAFA

12-16 Gorilla Row

6-8/6-8 Curtsy Squats (with weight optional)

20/20s Side Plank Hold

B. Buy In: 50/42 Cal Bike

.. into AMRAP 16min @YBTE

6/6 KB Hang Clean (medium weight)

7/7 Single Arm KB Shoulder To Overhead

8 Sprawls over KB

10 Toe Touches

11/9 Cal Bike


Metcon (No Measure)

A. In 10 Minutes Finish 4 Rounds of:

3-5 Bench Press @80%+ of 1RM

5-7 Body Levers

7-9 Double KB Pendlay Row

B. In 10 Minutes Finish 4 Rounds of:

4-6 Push Press @AHAFA

6-8 Strict Pull Ups/Ring Rows

8-10 Bench Leg Raises

C. For Quality (Rest As Needed)

4-8-12-16-20 Reps of:

Alt. Single Arm KB/DB Floor Press

KB/DB Deadbug