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“When you have one of those days when you feel a big weight on your shoulders…

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Metcon (No Measure)

A. Finish 4-5 rounds, AHAFA in 12 minutes, of:

4 Back Squats (w. 2 sec pause in bottom position in 1st rep)

6 -8 Strict PullUps

Rest 1 minute before B

B. Alt. EMOM x 8 min; AHAFA

B1. 6 Front Squats

B2. 6-8/6-8 Bent Over Row

Rest 1 minute before C.

C. For time @YBTE

21-15-9 reps of:

Overhead Squats (ca. 40/30)

PullUps, anyhow – Ring Row/Pull Downs

*Time Cap: 8 min


Metcon (No Measure)

A. Alt. EMOM 8 min @Your Best Technical Effort

A1. 6/6 KB Split Squat Thrusters

6-10 Strict Toes2Bar/High Knee raises/alt. single leg high knee raises

B. 3 x 5 min AMRAP’S w. 2 min rest in between


8 Cal Row

8 Wall Ball/AirBalls

8/8 Russian twist w. medball


20 DU/40 SU

15 Air Squat

6- 10 Push Ups


8 Dbl KB Clean

6 Alt. Reverse Lunges w. dbl KB in Front Rack

4 Dbl KB Push Press/Jerk


Metcon (No Measure)

A. You Have 13 Minutes to Work Your Way Up to 2RM Back Squat

Aim for ca. 95% of 1RM

B. AMRAP 8 Min

3 Overhead Squats (Increase Weight Each Set)

6/6 Single Arm DB Row (Heavy)

C. AMRAP 8 Min

3 High Box Jumps (Increase Height Each Set if You Can)

6/6 Single Arm DB Overhead Squat/Overhead Split Squat

9 Bent Over BB Row