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A. In 12 Minutes Finish 4-5 Rounds Of
2 Front Squats @85-90% of 1RM
4-6 Explosive High Box Jumps
Optional: 6-8 Lu Raises

B. 14 Min AMRAP @70-80% Intensity
6 Front Squats @ca. 50-60/35-45
9 Pull Ups (C2B If You Can)
12 Box Jumps (Step Down)
15/12 Cal Row (With Damper Between 3-5 and Try Keeping Stroke Rate at 24-30 SPM)
A. Alt. EMOM x 12 min; AHAFA
A1.12-16 Alt. Reverse Lunges (elevated if you want); AHAFA
A2. 5-7 Strict ChinUps/8-12 One Ring Supinated Ring Row/8-12 PullDowns w. ChinUp Grip
A3. 5-7/5-7 DeadBug (w. weight in one hand)

B. E3M x 5 Sets; AHAFA
8-12 DBL KB Hang Clean (scale w. single arm)
8-12 DBL KB Squats (scale w. one KB)
8-12 Sprawls
A. In 13 Minutes Finish 4-5 Rounds Of
6 (3/3) Back Rack Reverse Lunges (Heavy!)
6-10 Ring Push Ups (The Most Challenging Version You Can Do Well)
6-10 Ring Rows (Legs Elevated If You Can)

B. 13 Min AMRAP For Quality
4-6 Dbl. KB Front Squats @AHAFA
6-8 Strict Toes to Bar / Hanging Leg or Knee Raises (Controlled!)
6-8/6-8 Pallof Presses (Controlled!)
8-12 Barbell Bicep Curls
15-20 Calf Raises From Plate


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A. EMOM x 10 Min (Build Up, From the Floor)
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps Of
Jerk (Anyhow) @ca. 50-75% of Jerk 1RM

B. In 5 Minutes Finish 5-10 Rounds Of
1 Power Clean & Jerk (With the Last Weight From Part A)

C. In 10 Minutes Finish 4-5 Rounds For Quality
4-6 Pendlay Rows
6-8 Dbl. KB/DB Romanian Deadlifts
8-12 Tuck Ups
A. EMOM x 30 min @Your Best Technical Effort
A1.5-7/5-7 KB Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
A2. 8-12 DBL DB Bench Press
A3. 6-10 Strict T2B / High Knee Raises / Alt. Single Leg High Knee Raises/20-30sec Hang
A4. 4-6/4-6 KB Snatch to PushPress
A5. 40 Sec Row


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