Æfing dagsins

A. E3M x 4 sets
4 Front Squat @ca. 75-80% 1RM FS
*1 st rep w. 2 sec pause at bottom + 3 regular
B. AMRAP 13 min @your best technical effort
10 WallBallls 9/6kg to 3.05m
15m Suitcase Farmers walk ;AHAFA
10 Romanian DL w. same KB
15m Suitcase Farmers walk
A. Alt E90S x 4 of each
A1. (All done with a pair of light Plate or db)
10 Bent Over Shoulder Fly
10 Front Shoulder Raises
10 Arnold Press
A2. 8-12/8-12 Bulgarian Squat
B. Mini Chipper! Partner Up - I Go You Go
Finish 3 Rounds of:
70 Mountain Climbers
60 Air Squat
50 KB Snatch
40 Box Jump
Time Cap 14 min
Rest 2-3 min
C. Keep your partner or trade him/her
I Go You Go
50 Devil's Press for time
Time Cap 6 min


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A. In 12 min work your way up to 1RM Strict Pull-up/Chin-up B. "Toomey" For time: (barbell only)
100 Shoulder to overhead
80 Bent over row
60 Hang Power Clean and Jerk
*Every time you let go of the bar, perform 15/10 Push-ups
** TIme cap: 13 min
2x 15 min AMRAP with 3 min rest btw
6 Atlas Ball Over Shoulder
-One Arm OH Walking Lunges with Plate, DB or KB-
6 T2B/K2E
6 Burpee's 2 Target

10 Hollow Rock
10/10 Bicycle Crunches
-Handstand Walk/Bear Crawl-
15/12 cal Bike Erg
A. E3M x 3 sets
5-3-1 Deadlift
@ca. 75-85-90% 1RM
B. E3M x 3 sets
10 Box Squat (low or high) ;AHAFA +
5 Explosive Box jumps (step down)
C. Alt EMOM x 9 min
C1. 10 Bent Over Barbell Row ;AHAFA
C2. 10 DB skull Crushers
C3. 10 Perfect Push-ups

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