Æfing dagsins

A. EMOM x 8 min ;work your way up to max set
2 Thrusters (Cluster the first rep)
B. For time, Chipper
3 Rounds of:
10 Russian KB Swing @heavy weight (ca. 40/32kg)
4 Bar Muscle-ups / 6-8 Pull-ups (anyhow)
2 Rounds of:
21 Wall Balls 9/6kg
15 Toes to bar
1 Rounds of:
100 Double-unders/200 SU
27 Burpee box Jumps 60/50cm
*Time Cap: 14 min
A. E2.5M, 5 rounds
5 KB Front Squat, tempo 5551

B. AMRAP 10 min
4 Dbl KB deadlift
4 Push-up on KB
Box step over with dbl KB

C. Alt EMOM 10 min
5/5 Bulgarian Split Squat (bodyweight)
10 Seated leg lifts, hands as close to the toes as possible


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Æfingin á morgun er:

A. For time, In teams of two, "I go, You go"
150 Cal Row (anyhow)
120 Deadlift @ca. 60/43kg
60 Lateral Burpees over bar
150 Run in place Jump rope
100 Cal Row
90 Hang Power Cleans @same bar
45 Lateral Burpees over bar
100 Run in place Jump rope
50 Cal Row
60 Shoulder to overhead
30 Lateral Burpees over bar
50 Run in place Jump rope
*Time cap: 35 min
30sec ON, 15sec OFF x 6. 1.5 min between stations.

1. Dbl KB renegade row vs Tuck ups
2. Alt Strict KB squat clean vs. Chin ups
3. Strict bear crawl vs Handstand hold
4. L-sit ups with KB vs. Pistols
5. DU / SU vs. Pallof hold
6. Y-W back vs. Heel taps
A. E3M x 4 sets
8 Strict Press ;AHAFA + 8/8 Single arm DB Row ;AHAFA
B. E3M x 3 sets
8-10 DB Bench Press ;AHAFA + 10-15 Bent Over shoulder fly w. rather light DB's/Plates
C. Alt EMOM x 9 min
C1. 5/5 Filly Press AHAFA
C2. 6-10 Strict Toes to bar
C3. 10-15 Push-ups

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